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The NOExcuses Method Transformation - How it started. & How it's going.

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Written by Jordan Timbro.

In 2018, I was severely overweight and in the worst shape of my life, physically and mentally. This led me into a spiral of depression, anxiety, fear for the future, and a complete lack of self-confidence. One day I considered ending my own life just to escape the nightmare I thought my life had become.

I believe it is important to clarify up front, I did not start this journey with a fully thought through plan to getting me to my lowest body fat percentage. This was a journey of many hills and valleys, overcoming mistakes and failures. Always remember, WE ARE HUMAN. We will mess up. We are not perfect. That's okay, just take it one step at a time.

I lived the majority of my life being afraid to take my shirt off at the beach. I thought my body was broken. I was convinced I was allergic to carbohydrates and needed to eat a keto diet, and take hydroxycut before every summer in order to lose weight. I genuinely thought that I would have to accept and turn a blind eye to the unhealthy person I saw in the mirror every day.

Maybe some of you are in that place today. You may be ashamed of your own body, causing you to question your self-worth. Which leads to crippling insecurity, ultimately growing you numb to the pain of knowing you’re physically unhealthy completely lost on how to fix it. .

Can I tell you something?.. NONE OF IT IS YOUR FAULT.

The truth is, our intentions to achieve our dream body are pure for one simple reason - wanting to get healthy. I simply wanted to see the results of my dreams, and build the habits necessary to sustain those results without feeling like I always needed to be on a diet anymore.

Except, that never happened. I was a professional yo-yo dieter. My lack of self control created habits that kept me stuck in a yo-yo dieting cycle of gaining extra body fat over the holidays and frantically trying to lose 20-30 lbs within 2 months before the summer started.

Clearly I wasn’t doing something right. I needed to change.

The change I needed was to realize that I couldn’t continue to do the same things I was doing and needed to change the way I viewed and approached my nutrition and fitness.

I was stuck in a cycle of these terrible ideas like;

  • I needed to get to the gym AT LEAST 5 days a week, or I wouldn’t lose weight.

  • I didn’t have anyone who understood my body type, therefore I was always going to be this way.

  • Carbs were MAKING me store body fat.

  • I don’t have time to focus on my nutrition, that’s why I just need to go to the gym.

It wasn’t until I earned my certifications in nutrition and personal training that I started to fully understand the way diet and exercise work TOGETHER to benefit the body holistically.

Sounds pretty simple right? Then why do we try to complicate it so much.

Asking questions like;

  • What diet should I be on to lose weight?

Simple Answer: The 1 you can stay in a caloric deficit with.

  • What way to exercise is best?

Simple Answer: The one you will go back to and stay consistent with.

My personal transformation began as a spontaneous 30-day challenge I started by myself, in the mudroom of house, during covid. No community, no coach, and a shit ton of diet culture propaganda telling me how my body could get fixed with “the right diet”, “the right training program”, and “the right supplement stack”. There was a lot that I needed to overcome to even make it through the 30 days. But, I did it!

That simple micro-decision sent me down a path of transforming my own body, and officially attaining the dream body I always envisioned myself having. In that time, I have now come to realize living my best life overall; as a husband, father, coach, and friend, would not be possible without taking the time to focus on getting my health in check once and for all through building my self discipline.

This is where I'm going to challenge you!

Our NOExcuses Transformation Challenge starts next week. We are doing it big and giving away pretty much everything we offer our current clients to get them results. Can I challenge you to make this micro-decision to start our 6 week challenge, and I can promise you that after these 6 weeks spent with us you WILL transform your body once and for all!

Join us by signing up by clicking the link below.



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